Web Applications

What is a web application?

  • It's a step up from a normal website in that it does a specific function by using the web browser as its client.
  • They can be as simple as a forum or as complex as an online shopping platform.
  • E-commerce websites are the most common kinds of web applications you’ll find on the internet.
  • Other web apps are project management software tools that require several months of planning before execution.


An e-commerce website is one that allows you to post and sell products online while also processing payments from companies like Visa, American Express, and even PayPal.

Web Apps

Our team of developers will work with you to plan how you want your web app to function. We'll create a scope of work together. Pricing for web app development varies by project.

WordPress Custom Plugins

In the case there isn't a WordPress plugin that will do the job for your website we'll work with you to build one.

Please contact us to discuss your need for a web application. Whatever your idea is for an online tool we want to bring it to life for you.